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Hartford County Spousal Support Lawyer

Experienced Counsel When Alimony is an Issue

If you are considering filing for divorce or are already a party to a divorce proceeding, you may be uncertain if spousal support or alimony is an option and, if so, how it will be determined. You want an experienced lawyer, one who understands the laws governing alimony and all the factors that must be considered, so that you have a realistic idea of whether spousal support may be awarded.

At the Law Office of Robert L. Fiedler, I have 20 years of experience representing men and women in all matters related to divorce or family law, including controversies regarding alimony or spousal support. I can handle your case from beginning to end, with a commitment to personal service. I answer all my own phone calls and personally handle all aspects of your case. Contact my offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

Under Connecticut law, there is no automatic grant of alimony in a divorce proceeding. When considering a request for alimony or spousal support, the court must consider a number of factors, including:

  • Age and health of the parties
  • The length of the marriage
  • The potential earning capacity of the parties
  • Whether there are children and the amount of child support paid

There is no magic formula, however, for the determination and calculation of alimony.

At my office, I will examine all the factors the court considers and give you a realistic assessment of the likelihood that alimony will be awarded. If the court grants alimony, I will help you determine the amount, frequency and duration of payments. If, subsequent to the finalization of the divorce, your circumstances change dramatically, I will work with you to seek modification of the court's order. To learn more, see my page on modification and contempt proceedings.

For an experienced attorney to help you with a dispute over spousal support or alimony, contact me to set up a free initial consultation. My offices are located three blocks from the New Britain Courthouse, just 20 minutes from Rockville, Middletown or New Britain. I accept PayPal.