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In Connecticut, a restraining order or a protective order is usually issued as the result of a domestic dispute that got out of hand. A restraining order is issued by a civil court to prevent abuse or the threat of abuse. A protective order is issued by a criminal court after an arrest is made in a domestic violence case. Whether the allegations are true or untrue, when one spouse or partner accuses the other of violence, the relationship often ends completely.

At the Law Office of Robert L. Fiedler, I handle cases involving restraining orders, protective orders, divorce and all other family law disputes. I know that these issues are highly stressful and sensitive, and I pride myself on helping people deal with difficult times in their lives. With more than 20 years of experience, I am ready to sit down with you and explain the options you have in responding to a restraining order or a protective order. Every case is different, and I devote personalized attention to each client.

To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Hartford protective order attorney , call 866-707-5993 or contact my New Britain law firm online .

Handling the Criminal Case and Related Family Law Needs

If your marriage or partnership is ending due to domestic violence, or allegations thereof, your legal situation could quickly become complex. A protective order against you may mean that you cannot live at home and cannot see your children. At the same time, you now face criminal charges. In these situations, I use my skills as an experienced family law attorney to resolve the criminal issue as well as any child custody disputes that arise. If you are married and feel that the ultimate resolution is to divorce , I am ready to work through that process with you.

It is important to work with a knowledgeable lawyer capable of handling the entirety of the case. I will help you respond to the protective order or the restraining order so that you can tell your side of the story. I will analyze the order so you can avoid violating its terms. A violation of the order may result in felony charges and possibly a lengthy prison sentence.

I will work hard to get charges dismissed whenever possible, and preserve your access to your children. This might mean enrolling in marital counseling and/or anger management classes. Connecticut also has a Family Violence Education Program that we can explore. If you successfully complete this program, the criminal case against you will be dismissed.

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Whether you are the victim of domestic abuse or are facing allegations of abuse, I can help you. Call 866-707-5993 or contact my law firm online . My offices are located two blocks from the New Britain Courthouse, just 20 minutes from Rockville, Middletown or New Britain. I accept PayPal.