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Hartford County Modification Lawyer

Experienced Representation in Modification and Enforcement Proceedings

If your divorce has been finalized, but your circumstances have changed significantly, you may be able modify existing orders governing child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support or alimony. You want an experienced attorney, one who has helped others successfully request changes. Likewise, if your ex-spouse has failed to comply with the requirements of a divorce decree, you can enlist the power of the court, through a contempt proceeding, to remedy the situation.

At the Law Office of Robert L. Fiedler, I have 20 years of experience representing men and women in all matters related to divorce or family law, including modification and contempt proceedings. I can handle your case from beginning to end, with a commitment to personal service. I answer all my own phone calls and personally handle all aspects of your case. Contact my offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

Requests for Modification

Often, after a divorce has been finalized, one of the parties faces circumstances that necessitate changes in custody, visitation and/or support. You may have employment changes or lose your job. You may be required to relocate for work or experience illness or injury that affects your ability to work or care for your children.

In Connecticut, any custody or visitation order can always be modified, but the courts normally require a substantial change in circumstance to justify modification of an existing judgment. If children are involved, the court will always include the best interests of the child as a factor when making its determination.

At my offices, I will handle all matters related to a request for modification of an existing order, from the preparation and filing of the motion to any required appearances in court. Before I file a request for modification, however, I will thoroughly review the circumstances of your case and give you an honest assessment of your likelihood of success.

Contempt Proceedings

If your ex-spouse has failed to follow the provisions of a divorce decree, you may be able to file a motion for contempt of court, which can lead to incarceration and the payment of your attorney fees. A citation for contempt can result from a failure to pay child support, as well as denial of custody or visitation rights. However, to successfully hold your ex-spouse in contempt, you must be able to show that the breach of the court order was willful or intentional.

At the Law Office of Robert L. Fiedler, I will review all the facts and evidence to determine whether you can meet the burden of proof. If I conclude that you can, I will aggressively fight to protect your interests, from the filing of the motion through any court proceedings.

For an experienced attorney to handle a request for modification or enforcement of a divorce judgment, contact me to set up a free initial consultation. My offices are located two blocks from the New Britain Courthouse, just 20 minutes from Rockville, Middletown or New Britain. I accept PayPal.