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At the Law Office of Robert L. Fiedler, I have over 20 years of experience representing men and women in all matters related to divorce and family law. I can handle your case from beginning to end, with a commitment to personal service. I answer all my own phone calls and personally handle all aspects of your case.

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A divorce is a difficult and emotional time for all parties involved. I help clients understand their rights and options for seeking a resolution to the divorce and related issues like child support, alimony, child custody and property division.

Child custody and visitation

I will work closely with you to formulate custody and visitation plans that are in the best interests of your children, while protecting your rights as a parent. I will help you ensure that your children's educational, medical and social needs are met while preserving your meaningful role in their lives.

Real estate and divorce

When a couple divorces, a fair division of property must be made. When the couple owns a home or other real estate, questions arise as to what should happen to that property. I can help explain your options, including selling the home, refinancing or buying out your ex-spouse.

Protective orders and divorce

No matter which side you are on in a domestic abuse case, I can represent your rights in both the criminal court and the civil court. Protective orders and restraining orders are serious business to the courts; you need a skilled attorney to help you through the processes while also protecting your rights and the best interest of your children.

Grandparents' rights

Many grandparents do not know that under certain circumstances, they can assert a right to see their grandchildren. In some cases, a grandparent may even be awarded custody. When facing these issues, I help clients fully understand their rights as a grandparent and attempt to structure a visitation schedule so that grandchildren can have the grandparents in their lives.

Spousal support or alimony

I will help you determine whether a grant of alimony is warranted, reviewing the factors that the court will apply to assess the likelihood that spousal support will be granted. If the court determines that alimony is appropriate, I will work with you to identify the amount, frequency and duration of payments.

Parental relocations

If you need to relocate after your divorce is final, or if you wish to contest your ex-spouse's request to move away, I can work with you to identify options that are in the best interests of your children, but that also protect your needs and interests.

Modification and contempt proceedings

If your circumstances change substantially after divorce, I can help you obtain an order to modify child custody, visitation and/or support orders. Additionally, if your ex-spouse has failed to comply with the terms of your divorce decree, I can protect your rights in a contempt proceeding.

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